Banks & Insurance in Qatar

Whether you’ve just moved to Qatar for work or education or you have been living there for a long time, exploring around your banking and insurance options is a must, so you will get the best possible services and get your finances in order.


Qatar’s banking system consists of 23 licensed banks, of which 13 are local Qatari institutions, and 11 of them are international.

Qatar International Bank is the largest commercial lender in the country for now by its assets, and the total assets of the banking sector consist of US$400 billion, and they all regulated by Qatar Central Bank.

Here is all the information you need when choosing the right bank and Insurance company in Qatar for you.


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Al Ahli Bank

Al Ahli Bank was founded in 1983, and ever since then, and they have been trying to offer the best possible service to their customers. Its head office in Doha, Qatar, is located in the Suhaim bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd area, but there are many branches available throughout the city. 

Al Ahli bank offers services like corporate banking, retail, and private banking. Not only that, but their services also include international banking, treasuring and investments, and brokerage services too. 

 Al Ahli’s vision is to give customers a personalized experience when using their services, so you know you are making a good choice when choosing Al Ahli for its banking services. The branches are located in Abu Hamour, Al Mirqab, Old Airport, and the other locations can be found on Al Ahli Bank’s website.

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Al Khaliji Commercial Bank

Al Kaliji Commercial bank offers conventional financial products and services to all their business, private, personal, corporate, and international customers. This Qatari bank was the first bank ever to launch humanoid robots in Qatar. It was also rewarded for being the best premium bank, best commercial bank, and best corporate bank by Banker Middle East. 

Al Kaliji offers services like private banking, premium banking, corporate banking, treasury, and investments. They also have a unique and handy online banking system. Their headquarters are located at 69 Al Add Al Sharqi Street in Lusail, Qatar, and there are many branches around Qatar too. 

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Arab Bank

Arab Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in the Middle East, which was founded in 1930 in Palestine, but today its headquarters are located in Amman, Jordan, and it has over 600 branches spread on five continents. 

Arab Bank in Qatar offers services like personalized banking services for their elite customers, corporate and institutional banking, treasury, mortgages, and many more services, and you will be able to find out everything about them by visiting their website or going to one of its branches in Qatar. 

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Bank Saderat Iran

Bank Saderat Iran is an international banking and financial services, founded in 1952, with its main headquarters in Tehran, Iran. It is the largest banking network in Iran, and it has over 3000 branches. Their first overseas bank was opened in 1961 in Hamburg, Germany, and then their company continued to grow, to now be available in eight cities around the globe, Qatar being one of them. 

Their overseas program usually focuses on trade finance, but they also offer retail services. For all further detail visit their website, or one of their branches to find out everything you need to know. 

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Barwa Bank

The Barwa Bank was established in 2008, and it is the newest bank in Qatar. They operate in 8 branches over the country and have 74 ATMs at your service. The total of its assets, as reported in March 2020, is US$21 billion. 

Barwa Bank merged with the International Bank of Qatar in 2019 and is now called Dukhan bank; you can see all the services and details about the bank mentioned below. 

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BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is the eighth largest banking group in the world, and it is available in 72 countries across the globe. It was founded in 1966 with a merger of two French banks BNCI and CNEP. Its services are also available in Qatar ever since 1973, and it is located at 61 Al Funduq Street in the Al Fardan Office Tower in Doha, Qatar. 

Their Qatar services include domestic and cross-border cash and liquidity management and international trade finance solutions. BNP Paribas is a great choice to have when choosing the best banking system for you. 

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Commercial Bank (CBQ)

Commercial Bank of Qatar, otherwise known as Commercial Bank, was established in 1975 in Doha, Qatar. It is a local banking system that offers various services across corporate and retail banking divisions. 

They take pride in how they handle their business and do everything they can to satisfy their customers’ needs. Some of the services they offer are corporate premium service, cash management, trade finance, and rage of card services. It is surely a great option to have a choice when it comes to banking services in Qatar. 

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Doha Bank

Doha Bank is one of the largest banks available in Doha, which was established in 1978, and started providing services in 1979. It is a bank that received many awards for its services, so if you decide on choosing Doha Bank as your service provider, rest assured that you won’t be making a mistake. 

It has a total of 27 local branches and 110 ATMs around Qatar, and it has a strong credit rating from Fitch and Standard, Moody’s, and Poor’s. It offers services like retail and international banking, treasuring and investment, and wholesale banking. The services are available for individuals, corporate, commercial, and institutional clients. 

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Dukhan Bank

Dukhan Bank is a culmination of two banks, the Barwa Bank and the International Bank of Qatar, that happened in 2019. With the merger of two financial powerhouses in Qatar, this bank is set to become one of the best banking systems available. 

Dukhan Bank offers personal banking and private banking services, corporate banking, as well as market and investments. Although it is a newly established bank, the Barwa Bank and International Bank of Qatar have gained their experience separately, and now that they joined forces, they one of the best choices to choose as your banking option in Qatar. 

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Federal Bank

Federal Bank is an Indian commercial banking system located in Aluva, Kochi, but it has its representative offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai too. It was established in 1931 under the Travancore Companies Act, but it was named Federal Bank Limited in 1949. 

The Federal Bank offers its outstanding services in Qatar too, they don’t have local branches in Qatar, but they offer NRI services. You can check out the available spots where you can get the NRI services in Doha on their website or call the customer support number available on the website. 


HDFC is India’s largest private sector bank when looking at assets, it was established in 1994, and its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. They offer their NRI (Non-Resident Indian) services in Qatar too. 

If you are from India and you’re moving overseas, and you are worried about sending money to your family, managing your funds in India, or managing your NRI funds, you can do all that with HDFC Bank Qatar. They give you the ability to open an NRI Savings or Salary account. They also offer home loans in Qatar and many other services you can find listed on their website. 

HSBC Bank Middle East

HSBC Bank is the most represented bank in the Middle East, that was established in 1889 as the Imperial Bank of Persia. With its long banking experience, you have nothing to worry about if you choose to opt for the HSBC bank. The bank exists in Qatar since 1954, and it offers a wide variety of cross-border services. 

The services that HSBC Bank Middle East offers in Qatar include retail banking, commercial and global banking, wealth management, and offshore banking. HSBC has three branches in Doha located in Airport Road, City Center, and Salwa Road and it also has 10 ATMs available around the city, and it is the largest foreign banking system in Qatar. 

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ICICI Bank is an Indian banking system that was founded in 1994 in Vadodara, India, and its headquarters are now located in Mumbai, India. But, the ICICI Bank also offers its services in Qatar. The ICICI Bank in Qatar is located in the Qatar Financial Centre. 

The ICICI Bank offers services like commercial banking services, including deposits, loans, and credit cards. It also offers NRI services to all the Indian people living in Qatar. They have special offers for NRI savings and salary accounts. They also make sending money to your friends and family in India much easier. 

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International Bank of Qatar

The International Bank of Qatar was founded in 1956 as the Ottoman Bank and has undergone many ownerships throughout its existence. They offer all different types of services like private, corporate, and personal banking. They have lots of branches and ATMs all across the country. Some of its locations include Airport Road, Al Sadd (Suhaim Bin Hamad St), Ali bin Abdullah St., and many more; all the location addresses can be found on their website. 

In 2019, the International Bank of Qatar merged with the Barwa bank, and those two banks together today make the Dukhan bank that we mentioned above. 

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Mashreq Bank

The Mashreq Bank was established in 1967, and it was named the Bank of Oman; since then, it is one of the best bank service providers in UAE, and now in Qatar. Its headquarters are based in Dubai, but there are many branches across Qatar too. 

They offer a great variety of services in Qatar, like personal, corporate, and international banking. One location of the Mashreq Bank in Qatar is C Ring Road, Grand Hamad St, Ramada Signal, and you can find all the other locations listed on Mashreq Bank’s website. 

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Masraf Al Rayan Bank

Masraf Al Rayan Bank is one of Qatar’s newly established banks; it was founded in 2006, and ever since, it was one of Qatar’s leading financial institutions. With 17 branches across Qatar and 98 ATMs, Masraf Al Rayan bank tries to provide the best possible service to all its Qatar residents. 

It offers a great variety of services, including personal banking, private banking, business banking, and investments. It is one of the best choices to choose when deciding on which banking provider to choose since its total banking assets increased and as of March 2020 the amounted to US$30 billion. 

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Qatar Development Bank

The Qatar Development Bank was established in 1997 to diversify the countries’ economy by giving a chance to the entrepreneurs and offering better services than ever. Its headquarters are located in Grand Hamdan Street in Doha. 

Qatar Development Banks’ services focus on smaller businesses, and they provide services like providing export support and providing opportunities to grow. If you are a new and small business owner, then the Qatar Development bank is the right choice for you since it will give you all possibilities to make your business succeed. 

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Qatar International Islamic Bank

Qatar International Islamic Bank is a privately owned bank that was established in 1991. It is one of the largest financial service providers, with its total assets being US$17 billion. Qatar International Islamic Bank has 18 branches all over the state, and 94 ATMs, making sure to be within your reach and to provide the best possible services to all its customers. 

The services Qatar International Islamic bank provides include corporate and personal Islamic banking solutions. Some of its branches can be found on Al Shafi Street, Grand Hamad Street, Katara Cultural Village, and if you want to know more, feel free to visit the Qatar International Islamic Bank’s website. 

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Qatar Islamic Bank

Qatar Islamic Bank was established in 1982, and it is the Islamic banking group established in Qatar. It is also the second-largest bank by assets in Qatar as of now. Its assets as of March 2020 are US$45.6 billion. It has branches all over the country and it headquarters is located in Doha. 

They offer personal and wholesale services and international group and domestic services and investment services. You can find all the information about the services they provide on the Qatar Islamic Bank website or by visiting one of its branches.

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Qatar International Bank

Qatar International Bank is the first commercial Qatari bank, and it is currently the largest bank in Qatar, including assets, loans, and deposits. It is also the most extensive banking system in the Middle East and Africa region. It has 54 branches in Qatar and 470ATM, and also over 1000 branches all over the world. 

It has a great variety of personal, corporate, SME, and investing services. All its services are listed on the website. It is the best choice when it comes to banking systems in Qatar. 

Standard Charter Bank

Standard Charter Bank is a British financial company established in 1969 in London, United Kingdom. It has over 1200 branches all over the world, and its headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. Standard Charter also offers Qatar’s services since 1950, and it is the oldest bank in the country.

It offers different types of services like personal, corporate, international, and private services, with its focus being on corporate and institutional banking. It is a well-known banking system globally so you know you won’t be making a mistake when choosing Standard Charter as the right bank for you. In Qatar the Standard Charter Bank is located in Doha Tower, Al Corniche St.

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State Bank of India

India’s State bank was founded in 1955 in Mumbai, India, and it is a multinational banking system with its headquarters located in Mumbai, India. They also offer services in Qatar, and we are here to tell you all about them. 

The State Bank of India’s branch is located in Qatar Financial center in 13th Level Alfardan Towers, West Bay, Doha, Qatar. And this is an excellent choice if you are looking to get NRI services from an Indian banking system located in Qatar. Their services include transferring the money to India, giving you the best possible saving account services, or salary account services. 

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United Bank

United Bank is one of the Pakistani banking systems available in Qatar. It was founded in 1954. It quickly became the second-largest bank in Pakistan; it was nationalized in 1974 and merged its belonging later with the National Bank of Pakistan, and became the United Bank Limited. 

As previously stated, its services are available in Qatar, and they include treasury, corporate and private services, investments and treasury. Whatever you may need to do with your finances, United Bank Limited will be there to provide the best possible service out there. 

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