Qatar General Insurance

Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company (QGIRCO) is a public shareholding company in Qatar that provides general insurance, reinsurance, takaful, real estate, and investment management services together with its subsidiaries. It is headquartered in Doha, Qatar. The company was established in 1979 and has 10 years of ‘Excellent’ credit ratings. It is one of the strongest and most trustworthy insurance providers in Qatar.

The company operates a network of branches in Qatar and an overseas branch in the United Arab Emirates. Over the past 35 years, the company has earned the trust of individuals as well as businesses. The company always strives to provide superior products and services to its customers. QGIRCO offers various types of personal and corporate insurance to its customers. 

Pros And Cons


Offers various types of personal and corporate insurance products.

Provides quick and efficient service.

Fast and simple claim resolution.

Sustained competitive advantage.


There are no online forms to apply for insurance or quotes on their website.

Available Insurance (Products)

Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company (QGIRCO) is one of the most prestigious insurance companies in Qatar. QGIR Company and its subsidiaries offer general insurance and reinsurance services to individuals, families, and businesses. It offers a wide range of personal and corporate insurance products to its customers. These are:

Personal Insurance

Qatar General Insurance offers insurance coverage to individuals against events that may affect their lives. Such events include loss of income, medical expenses, injury, or death of family members. The company’s personal insurance products are classified into five main groups: home, auto, medical, personal accident,jewelry,, and travel insurance. These policies cover the insured persons’ homes, cars, or vacation trips respectively

Motor Insurance

Qatar General Insurance offers auto insurance policies that cover damage to the vehicle as well as third-party property and bodily injury. The company provides two main types of motor insurance coverage:

Third-party Coverage: This type of insurance protects against losses resulting from injury or death to others as a result of an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage: This type of insurance protects vehicle owners against damage caused by natural events such as earthquakes and floods. It also offers coverage for damages that may occur as a result of theft or fire. 

General Insurance Company also offers discounts on its auto insurance plans for people who own more than one car, belong to a particular club, purchase a new model year car from a certain authorized dealer in Qatar every year, or maintain an account with the same bank.

Villa/Home Owner Insurance

Protecting your home is important and Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company offers a variety of solutions for that protection. The company provides buildings and contents plans to cover your home in case it is damaged or stolen. This Villa/Home Owner Insurance policy protects your home and family members. The company offers insurance coverage for your buildings and contents based on your needs and budget.

The company offers different types of home insurance plans: 

  • A basic package plan covering damages to the building structure plus losses in the personal belongings inside it.
  • A special package plan covering loss or damage to both the building and its contents.
  • A high-value package plan that covers homes that have designs specified by In-house Designers for their construction, as well as other contents such as jewelry and art objects. 

If you buy home insurance from Qatar General Insurance, you can add specific coverages, including legal protection against accidents. Qatar General Insurance provides unlimited insurance coverage for houses, villas, and apartments that are rented or owned in Qatar. 

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance protects you if you have been injured and cannot work. Depending on their age and finances, the company can customize a policy that suits their needs. Over time, the company can extend or amend benefits according to circumstances change. 

Travel Insurance

Qatar General Insurance offers protection while you travel outside your home country and/or local area. It offers protection, assistance, and compensation if you become ill or injured during your journey. Qatar General Insurance offers unlimited coverage for trip cancellation, baggage loss and delay, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation benefits. 

The company provides a 24-hour hotline service across Middle East countries. It offers a wide range of travel insurance plans that include coverage for overseas medical expenses and cancellations. You can select from a variety of travel plans to suit your requirements. You can also get discounts on travel insurance plans when you buy them online or through an authorized dealer of Qatar General Insurance in Qatar. With their annual plans, you don’t have to take out a new policy every time you travel.

Medical Insurance

Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company offers an affordable Personal Medical Insurance policy to meet your needs and budget. The company offers medical insurance coverage within Qatar as well as abroad. 

You and your family can focus on your health while the company takes care of your financial stress in the event of an emergency. By offering a variety of medical plans, the company ensures that the coverage you receive is right for your personal needs.

Jewellery Insurance

The company offers a variety of solutions for protecting your jewelry in case it is damaged, lost, or stolen. Jewellery Insurance covers theft, burglary, accidental loss, and damage to jewelry kept in fixed bank lockers.

You can consult with the company’s experienced insurance advisors to determine whether you need to cover your valuables with a separate policy or include it in your home insurance.

For more information about the Personal Insurance products, check out the company’s website here.

Corporate Insurance

The company offers standard and customized commercial and specialized insurance products for small, medium, and large businesses. Qatar General Insurance provides commercial insurance plans that cover events that may adversely affect the business activities of companies. 

The following is a list of the corporate insurance products that the company provides:

Energy Insurance

Energy insurance is a type of insurance that covers the energy sector, from power plants to gas storage. The Company offers protection to many petrochemicals, fertilizer, and oil and gas businesses. The Company provides services such as: 

  • Qatari contents insurance policy.
  • Guarantee of integrity and protection of oil & gas facilities. 
  • Protection against terrorism risks.
  • Coverage of damage caused by atmospheric phenomena.
  • Coverage for Nuclear radiation risks.

When it comes to reliable and reputable energy insurance, Qatar General Insurance is the right choice. Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company offers insurance to protect against sudden disruptions oil and gas supplies and electricity supplies. With the help of an experienced staff of professionals, the company provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Engineering Insurance

Engineering insurance is designed to protect businesses involved in designing, constructing, or renovating structures. This type of insurance is for engineering companies that work on huge projects. It provides protection to a contractor or employer against physical damage to construction equipment, machinery, buildings, or other structures. In addition, the insurance provides protection for damage to third party property.

The following are the various engineering insurance plans that are available:

  • Contractors All Risks
  • Erection All Risks
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Contractors Plant and Machinery
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Inherent Defect

Click the following link for more detailed information on these engineering insurance plans: 

Property Insurance

Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company provides a wide range of property insurance plans that protects your home and other buildings, land, and movable assets from disasters or damages due to fire, theft, earthquake, flood, and many other risks. 

Property insurance cover is the one that offers financial protection for both buildings and contents owned by you. It protects against damage caused by perils such as fire, natural elements (earthquake), vandalism, theft, or even damage caused by pets among others.

The Property insurance includes the following coverage:

Fire and Allied Perils: This coverage provides comprehensive protection against fire and lightning, aircraft damage, impact damage, and explosions.

Property All Risks: This policy offers extended coverage for property insurance. It covers any accidental or unforeseen physical damage to the insured property, other than what is specifically excluded.

Business Interruption: This plan protects businesses from profits lost; fixed costs; and increased costs. The policy also offers optional coverage for auditor’s fees, supplier and customer premises, and denial of access to premises.

Casualty Insurance

Qatar General Insurance offers casualty insurance to the corporate sector and institutions. This casualty insurance policy provides protection against risks or liabilities that may arise within a business environment. It also provides property and liability coverage for individuals and specialized covers like accident and health.

The company provides a range of casualty insurance plans that protect organizations from financial liabilities that might occur during construction, maintenance, and daily operations. The following are several types of casualty insurance plans the company offers. 

  • Public Liability (Industrial/Non-Industrial)
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Workmen Compensation
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Money (Cash-in-Safe/Cash-in-Transit)
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Fidelity Guarantee

Marine Insurance

Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company provides marine insurance for Qatar’s marine industry. The company’s Marine insurance covers all aspects of distribution, including goods during transit, storage, and project cargo for specialized shipments. It provides the following protection:

  • Marine Cargo: Cargo insurance protects cargo owners against damage or loss during transportation. The policy covers physical loss or damage to cargo caused by natural disasters, overturning/capsizing of the carrying vessel, and war risks. 
  • Marine Hull: This policy covers cargo-transporting vessels and equipment. The policy covers physical damage to the hull as a result of fire, explosion, and other maritime perils. It also covers damage to the vessel and its machinery.

The purpose of this insurance type is primarily to cover ships, boats, and cargo carried on them. This insurance is particularly important for businesses that engage in trade, especially those that ship large quantities of goods by aircraft or boat.

Medical and Life Insurance

The company provides medical and life insurance to employees, helping them recruit and retain qualified candidates. Medical & life insurance policies provide employees with access to trusted medical care, thereby reducing the cost of absenteeism and allowing employers to devote more resources to other areas. 

The company offers its customers two main kinds of insurance coverage. These include:

  • Group Accident: This policy protects employees financially from accidents that cause harm or injury outside or inside the workplace, on a 24/7 basis around the globe. It provides coverage for accidental death/injury, permanent/temporary disability, medical expenses, and emergency transportation.
  • Group Medical: This plan protects employees from financial loss in the event of an accident or illness. In addition to medical expenses, the plan covers hospital fees and medicines.

Additionally, the company offers specialized and tailor-made insurance products for small and medium-sized businesses to protect their assets and employees from risks related to their operations. Here is a list of specialized products the company offers:

  • Restaurant insurance
  • Education Institute Insurance
  • Supermarket Insurance
  • Car Showroom Insurance
  • Pharmacy Comprehensive Insurance
  • Beauty Salon Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Jewellery Insurance

If you want to learn about these specialized insurance products in deep, click on the following link: 

Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company is a great option when it comes to buying insurance because it has been providing services for 35 years and is known for its flexible plans. 

The company also offers premiums to the public through its subsidiary, Qatar General Insurance Company SPRL (QGIC), which is licensed by the QFC Authorities in Doha. The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to protect customers from their associated risks.

Qatar General Insurance Company Claim Process

When it comes to making a claim, the company offers a variety of different choices. You can submit claims online and offline, and you can add a sun amount to expedite your claim. The company offers several ways to make a claim. You can make a claim by filing an online form on the company’s website.

In addition to filing a claim online, you can also contact the claims department by calling +974-44282222. You can also make a claim offline by visiting the company’s office in person. For the address, click here: 

If you make a claim via email, fax, or any other written format, it may take longer to process due to the lack of security measures for these types of communication. It is always best to use a method that is more secure. 


Who Is The CEO Of Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Co.?

Saeed Gharbieh is the CEO of Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company.

How To Contact Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company?

By calling +974 4428 2222, you can get in touch with Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company. Furthermore, if you wish to inquire, you can do so through the company’s website. Just click this link to send them an email: 

Where Does Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Headquarter?

This company is headquartered in Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar.

What Is Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance’s Revenue?

$243 Million is Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance’s Revenue.