Qatar Insurance Company

Qatar Insurance Company is a public shareholding company and is listed on the Qatar Exchange (QE). QIC was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It was the first domestic insurance company in Qatar. 

QIC is currently the market leader in Qatar and one of the largest insurers in the GCC and MENA region. Among the highest-rated insurers in the Gulf region, it has received the A/Stable rating from Standard & Poor’s and an A(Excellent) rating from A.M. Best.

In addition to Qatar, the company has branches in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the UK, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. Qatar Insurance Company offers both personal and business insurance.

Pros and Cons


Online services for easy policy management

Various coverage options are available

Provides affordable insurance plans

24/7 customer emergency helpline service


Comprehensive coverage for 7 year old vehicles is not available.

Available Products (Insurance)

Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) is one of the leading insurance companies in Qatar. In Forbes Middle East Magazine’s annual ranking of the top 100 listed companies in the region for 2021, Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) was listed as a top 100 company in the Middle East.

There are two types of insurance that the company offers: Personal insurance like home care, travel care plus, and automobile insurance, and business insurance like property and commercial, marine, and aviation. The company also offers reinsurance services.

Now let’s take a quick look at these types of insurance.

Personal Insurance

Qatar Insurance Company offers a variety of personal insurance products to its customers. These include:

Car Insurance

Qatar Insurance Company offers a variety of car insurance products. You can select the cover that best suits your needs and budget.

The following are the two main types of insurance that the company offers: 

Comprehensive Car Insurance (Full Cover): Comprehensive car insurance protects you against both your own damages and losses as well as third-party liability. This policy protects you from losses such as accidents, hail, vandalism, hitting an animal, fire, and theft. 

Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance: Third Party Car Insurance is a compulsory form of insurance in Qatar as per the law. If you have a car accident, your TPL insurance covers any injuries or damage you may cause to others but doesn’t cover any damage you cause to your vehicle.

Additionally, the company offers several optional insurance coverages, including:

  • Roadside Assistance.
  • Services for personal drivers.
  • Off-Road Cover.
  • Coverage for Off-Road 360.
  • Flood, Strike, Riot, and Storm Coverage.
  • Claims Management Services.

Both types of car insurance policies are available with different levels of cover, so you must choose the policy that best suits your needs. Comprehensive car insurance is the best option for people who want full coverage for their car.

Motorcycle Insurance

QIC motorcycle insurance policies provide coverage for accidental death, personal injury, third party liability, and property damage. The company also offers a variety of add-on options, such as medical expenses, loss of income, and legal assistance.

There are two main types of motorcycle insurance offered by the company:

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance: This Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance covers any damage, even if the accident was your fault or only you were involved in it. This policy protects you against Passenger, Third Party, and Own Damage risks.

Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance: If you have an accident, this insurance covers injuries and property damage you might cause to others, but it does not cover damages to your motorcycle or property. This is the minimal level of coverage needed to ride on a public road.

The company also offers some optional Motorcycle insurance plans, including:

  • Gap Cover
  • Social Responsibility
  • Agency Repair

Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) offers comprehensive and third party liability insurance for the owners of motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds. The policies offered by QIC include optional benefits such as towing charges, coverage for replacement costs in case of damage or theft, and legal expenses coverage.

Travel Insurance

With QIC travel insurance, you can feel secure knowing you and your family are in good hands. When you have travel insurance, you can travel and enjoy your holidays without worrying about unforeseen circumstances. No matter if you plan to travel locally or across the country, QIC’s travel insurance has something for everyone.

When you buy travel insurance from QIC, you get the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Worldwide emergency assistance services.
  • Assistance with medical emergencies.
  • Lost luggage or delayed baggage reimbursement.
  • Emergency cash to cover unplanned expenses. 
  • Trip delay reimbursement for mechanical issues with your plane, train, or bus.

On the market today, there are many types of travel insurance, but not all of them offer the same benefits as QIC travel insurance.

Therefore, if you plan on traveling, you should look into the QIC travel insurance plan. With this insurance, you have peace of mind that you’re covered in case of unexpected problems or accidents. Travel insurance is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

Home Insurance

Home Contents Insurance is important for everyone living in a home, whether it is rented or owned. This insurance covers all the things you love in your house, as well as the people who live there. Qatar Insurance Company provides a range of coverage with its home insurance policies, including protection against damage caused by fire, wind, theft, lightning, and vandalism.

If you buy home contents insurance from the Qatar insurance company, you can obtain the following benefits:

  • Protection against theft and vandalism. 
  • Coverage against your valuable loss or damage outside your home.
  • A certain amount of coverage for your personal belongings.
  • Liability protection in the event someone gets injured on your property.
  • Coverage for damage caused by fire, wind, hail, lightning, and other natural disasters.
  • Coverage for the cost of replacing your house if it is destroyed or damaged beyond repair. 
  • Coverage for Domestic servant/driver property loss or damage.
  • Coverage against all risks worldwide.
  • 24/7  emergency assistance.

The company offers both comprehensive and basic policies, so you can choose the level of protection that’s right for you. The QIC Home Contents Insurance policy covers loss or damage to furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and other valuables up to the policy limits. 

If you do not want to worry about your home contents being damaged by a disaster, QIC’s Home Contents Insurance is a great option. And, since it’s available to individuals, families, and businesses, it’s a coverage option that can fit anyone’s needs.

For more information, visit their website: 


Boat/Yacht Insurance

Boat insurance is one of the company’s specialties. This insurance policy is designed to provide peace of mind for boat owners and ensure that they are protected in the event of an accident or incident. 

QIC provides comprehensive insurance for all types of vessels, from small boats to mega yachts. It covers local and international trips and includes comprehensive coverage against all types of risks. 

Here are the benefits you can get from QIC Boat insurance: 

  • Coverage for any accidental damage or loss to your boat.
  • Protection against third party liability.
  • Medical coverage in the event of an accident while on your boat.
  • 24/7 assistance service if needed while on the boat.
  • Coverage for any fire, collision, sinking, theft, or vandalism damages or losses.
  • Medical payments anywhere in the world.

The boat insurance policy offers protection against a wide range of risks, including fire, theft, collision, grounding, and sinking. The boat insurance policy offered by QIC is tailored to meet the needs of boaters and sailors in Qatar. 

The policy is available to both individuals and businesses. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of services like loss assessment, claim handling, and legal assistance.

Qatar Insurance Company offers several types of Boat insurance, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. 

Life & Medical Insurance

The company offers a range of life and medical insurance solutions, all backed by world-class service and innovative products. The company offers life & medical insurance plans for individuals and families, savings plans, retirement plans, and investment funds, among other products. 

QIC is proud to offer a range of life and medical insurance products that are designed to meet the needs of everyone, from individuals and families to businesses and organizations. 

If you’re looking for quality life insurance products, QIC Life Insurance is a good option to consider. For more information about QIC life and medical insurance, click the below link:

Business Insurance

Qatar Insurance Company offers all types of business insurance products to its customers. Here is a list of its Business Insurance products: 

Property & Commercial

The following is a list of Property and Commercial Insurance:

Property Insurance

The following property insurance plans are offered by the company:

  • Property All Risk Insurance: This policy covers the owners of a commercial building for any loss or damage to their property due to fire, explosion, earthquake & escape of water. It also extends to cover for theft, attempted theft, and vandalism. The insures are covered up to 100% of depreciated value.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: This policy covers the loss of business income that a company may suffer as a result of an insured event. The policy will pay out either a fixed sum per day or a percentage of the regular gross income.

Engineering Insurance

Below are some of the Engineering Insurance services offered by the company:

  • Contractors / Erection All Risk Insurance: This policy covers contractors against accidental loss or damage to the works they are contracted to erect, including materials at the site.
  • Plant & Equipment Insurance: This policy covers Plant & Machineries including Crane and other construction equipment against accidental physical loss or damage.

Liability Insurance

The following benefits are associated with liability insurance:

  • General Third Party Liability Insurance: This policy offers insurance protection to the insured in respect of all claims for loss, damage, or injury arising out of third party liability.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: This policy is designed to indemnify the insured against any legal liability arising out of a negligent act, error, or omission in the performance of their professional duties.
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: This policy provides directors and officers with protection against personal financial losses as a result of wrongful or negligent decisions or omissions while in office.

QIC Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

This policy provides workers or employees with protection in the event of injury or illness occurring at work. All employees, including top management, must be covered by this policy.

General Accident Insurance

This insurance includes the following benefits:

  • Money Insurance: This policy provides financial assistance in the event that property is destroyed, damaged, or lost by housebreaking, burglary, or hold-up whilst being kept in a safe or in a strongroom.
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance: This policy is designed to cover financial loss resulting from the fraudulent acts of embezzlement, theft, forgery, or wrongful conversion by employees.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: This policy is designed to provide accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) cover for individuals. The policy provides coverage against death or bodily injury resulting from an accident around the world on a 24-hour basis. 
  • Jewelers Block Insurance: This is a policy designed specifically for jewelers. This policy covers loss of merchandise during transit or on premises.
  • Bankers Blanket Insurance: This policy provides cover against extraordinary business risks faced by banks.

Motor Fleet Insurance

The Qatar Insurance Company offers fleet insurance solutions to meet the needs of companies that have a large number of vehicles. This Insurance product is designed to provide comprehensive protection for company vehicles, including cars, taxi, trucks, HGVs, courier van fleets, and buses.

If you have several vehicles you need to be insured, QIC Fleet & Vehicles Insurance is the best option. QIC Motor Fleet Insurance offers two primary types of vehicle insurance covers, such as:

Comprehensive Motor Insurance: It covers accidental damage to the insured vehicle and also third-party liability arising out of the use of the vehicle.

Third Party Liability Insurance: It covers only the third party property damage caused by the insured vehicle.

You can also choose from the following optional Covers, depending on your business priorities:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Depreciation Of Spare Parts
  • Off-road Cover
  • Agency Repair

If you want to know more about these optional cover in-depth, then visit the company’s website:

Energy Insurance

Qatar Insurance Company offers energy insurance and risk management services to upstream oil and gas companies. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and has a strong track record working in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Energy Insurance from QIC offers the following benefits: 

  • Comprehensive coverage for energy projects.
  • All risk coverage for builders.
  • Coverage for damage or loss of property, equipment, etc.
  • Covers losses resulting from terrorist acts.

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable energy insurance provider, QIC Energy Insurance is a perfect choice. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Marine & Aviation Insurance

QIC offers a comprehensive range of marine and aviation insurance products and services to meet the needs of both private and commercial customers. 

QIC’s marine insurance products are designed to protect businesses against any potential losses that may occur as a result of maritime incidents, including hull and machinery damage, cargo loss or damage, and crew injury or death. 

Aviation insurance policies offered by QIC provide comprehensive coverage for airlines, aircraft operators, airport operators, and other related businesses. Coverage is available for a variety of risks such as passenger liability, loss or damage to baggage and cargo, hull damage or destruction, medical expenses, and more. 

For more information about Marine & Aviation Insurance, click on the following link: 

The QIC Claims Process

The company offers a hassle-free process for making a claim, and QIC’s hotline customer service is readily available 24 hours a day for any questions or assistance. 

QIC offers a variety of contact methods, including WhatsApp, to make the claims process as simple as possible. You can also submit a claim online at the company’s website through the following link: 

Alternatively, you can contact their customer service department directly at 8000 742 to file a claim. You can also contact them on WhatsApp at 66954337. You can also walk into their office (see the addresses above) or call them on the numbers above.

Remember if you are making a claim, you will need certain documents and details depending on your insurance type. Therefore, to know what documents you will need, visit the insurance company’s website.

Why Choose QIC?

Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) has been offering reliable insurance services across Qatar and the region for more than 50 years. It provides a wide range of insurance products and services to protect homes, cars, businesses, and individuals against life’s uncertainties.

There are several reasons why you should choose Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) for your insurance needs. 

Firstly, the QIC offers its customers online services so they can manage their policies from anywhere. You can even buy and renew your policies online. It also provides an easy way to file a claim.

Secondly, the company’s call center is available 24/7 to assist all of its customers in Arabic and English. The company has a team of highly qualified and trained staff who are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. It also offers a 24/7 emergency helpline service, meaning that you’re never far from help if you need it.

Lastly, Qatar Insurance Company allows you to pay your premiums in one lump sum or in monthly installments. And when you buy online with Qatar Insurance Company, the company gives you a 10% discount on your car insurance.

This is why you should choose QIC as it is a reliable and trustworthy insurance company in Qatar.


Can I Insure My 7-Year-Old Car With QIC?

No, QIC does not provide comprehensive coverage for vehicles older than seven years old.

Does QIC Offer Special Discounts For Safe Drivers?

Yes. When QIC renews comprehensive insurance policies, it rewards its loyal customers with a 10% discount when they maintain safe driving records.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Me For Sand Dunes And Similar Terrain?

Your off-road car insurance covers damage or loss to your vehicle while you are driving off-road. By adding the “Off-Road 360” cover to your comprehensive insurance policy, you can protect your vehicle (with off-road capabilities) when driven on non-paved roads such as sand dunes. 

What Information Do I Need To Provide To Buy A Home Insurance Policy?

If you want to buy a home insurance policy, you only need to provide your permanent or temporary address in Doha, your Qatari ID number, your mobile number, and your email address.