How much is new Qatar ID card?

The introduction of a new Qatar ID card is an important milestone for the country as it marks the start of a more secure and efficient identity system. The new Qatar ID card promises to offer greater convenience, security, and privacy protection for citizens and residents alike. This article will explore how much the new Qatar ID card costs, what features it offers, and how it compares to other identity systems in the region. We will also look at the process of obtaining a new Qatar ID card, as well as any additional fees associated with using the card.

How much is new Qatar ID card? A Qatar ID card, also known as a QID, is an identification document issued by the government of Qatar. The fee for first-time applicants and renewal of a QID is QR 100, while the fee for replacement (whether it is lost or damaged) is QR 200. This information is available on, the official portal of the Government of Qatar.

The Qatar ID card is an essential part of life for all citizens and residents of Qatar. From registering to vote, to accessing government services, to travelling in and out of the country, it is clear that the Qatar ID card is a crucial document. Despite its importance, the cost of obtaining a new Qatar ID card is relatively low compared to other countries, making it accessible and affordable for all. With its many advantages, the Qatar ID card can provide a secure and reliable way to identify individuals in the country.